It’s scrumptiously satisfying well-known science… a mother’s touch is one of the best things you can ever receive… or in the case of Mama Vil’s touch, it’s one of the best things you can ever taste. 

Picture the possibilities… a devilishly-good vegan-prepped delicacy to timely follow dinner for dessert… a spectacular sweetened special fresh out of the oven… or a heavenly, golden-crusted loaf for you to devour to your heart’s desire, we here at Mama Vil’s Bakery provide something for all. 

Initially starting life out purely as a vegan-friendly baking service in 2019, we began to evolve our love and passion for making fresh, delicious and personalised combinations in our kitchen and share it with the world. 

Word didn’t take long to get around about our home-made goodies and with all the changes happening in life right now, we felt it was time to rebrand, adapt and deliver… pun intended. 

Now expanding online, we are offering a brand-new online delivery service for all of our customers loyal and new. Whilst continuing to specialise in essential vegan-baked cakes and brownies, we now provide a marvellous range of delightful, melt-in-your-mouth dairy options too. After all, everyone is welcome here at Mama Vil’s kitchen. 

Following the arrival of our lilvil back earlier this year and a short break from baking duties, Mama Vil’s Bakery is back with a lip-smacking bang ready to serve one and all.